• About Us

At Pro Choice Safety Gear we want you to be as "Safe As" possible in the workplace so you can do the things in life YOU love, and be with the people YOU care most about when YOU “down tools”.

Pro Choice Safety Gear has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best quality, most comprehensive and accessible Personal Protection Equipment ranges in the world. One thing that drives us to push the boundaries of Personal Protective Equipment is SAFETY, and the continual refinement of what it means to be as "Safe As" possible in the workplace.

The thing that INSPIRES us is YOUR story! Why are you staying safe at work? What do you like to do when you “clock off”, and who do you like to be with? Workplace safety incidents are often presented as numbers and statistics. The fact is that these numbers should always be lower (i.e. zero) and we want you to be "Safe As” so as YOU don’t become one of those statistics.

If you are coming home unharmed from a day of work wearing Pro Choice Safety Gear PPE, we feel like we've done our job in protecting YOU from the hazards of your environment!

Reasons why people stay safe at work are as varied and personal as the protective equipment best suited to the job at hand. For YOU it might be family, for another person it might be the next fishing trip, and for another watching sports and mateship. The list is truly endless, and that is what makes Pro Choice Safety Gear strive for ZERO safety statistics.