• Logo Printing Services

Logo Printing Services

Pro Choice Safety Gear is always looking for ways of adding valued features to their product range.

We now offer a range of in house logo printing solutions to help customise your safety gear.

We offer various print methods from up to 5 colour pad printing for vinyl cut prints

Whether priniting your logo on hard hats, or adding some customisation with personalised nick names, we have you covered.

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Hard Hat Printing Services

The need to distinguish workers in various occupations on a work site can be for safety or convenience. For example, having a safety officer readily identified by the colour of their hard hat can improve efficiencies; while being aware of who is a visitor or sub-contractor can improve security.

To further enhance these advantages, Pro Choice Safety Gear offers a pad printing and a vinyl printing service that can customise hard hats – before a customer takes delivery.

NOTE: Neither Pad nor Vinyl printing services will interfere with the chemical or structural integrity of the materials used in the hard hat construction.

Pad Printing

Our pad printing service can be used to print company logos on the front and back of any Pro Choice Safety Gear hard hat, in up to five colours, and provides a cost effective and long lasting solution to meeting nearly every possible logo.

Additionally, a one colour print option is also available for the side panels of Pro Choice Safety Gear hard hats, allowing further customization to identify roles or specific project names.

Printing Specifications

Print Areas for pad printing on hard hats are as follows:

Front: W50mm x H50mm (up to 5 colours)
Back: W50mm x H40mm (up to 5 colours)
Sides: W70mm x H20mm (1 or 2 colours)

Vinyl Cut Print

Pro Choice Safety Gear also offers a vinyl cut printing service for hard hats. This option allows for further customization of hard hats without restrictions to the size of the lettering, and allows customers to have names, logos, or lettering in any position on their hard hats.
Vinyl lettering is generally only available in one colour, although in certain circumstances more colours may be included.