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Australian Standards

Standards Australia is recognised by the Government as Australia’s peak standards body. It develops Australian Standards® of public benefit and national interest.

Standards Australia:

  • Develops and maintains around 7000 Australian Standards® and related publications which are prepared by over 1500 committees involving more than 8000 committee members. These documents, used in countless daily business transactions, facilitate trade between individuals, corporations and nations.

  • Uses a facilitation process based on transparency, consensus and stakeholder representation from interest groups including governments, industry bodies, trade and professional associations, academia and consumer groups.

  • Provides input into the development of approximately 18,000 International Standards by ISO and IEC.

SAI Global Certification

Australian Standards are sold and distributed worldwide by SAI Global Limited. This tick logo has become synonymous with quality standards in Australia and New Zealand and appears on many products in the ProChoice® Safety Gear range.It was the first recognised provider of standards certification in Australia however other providers now offer this service for Australian industry.

Benchmark Certification

Some of the ProChoice® Safety Gear range are marked with the Benchmark Certification Product Certification Mark. Benchmark Certification Pty Ltd is owned by BSI Group – one of the world’s largest providers of business improvement services. The BSI Group operates in 86 countries, with 60,000 certified locations worldwide. It is the largest certifier in the UK and North America and has now entered the Australian market.The Benchmark Mark indicates the conformity of our product based upon technical documentation and an annual review of our manufacturing and quality control process to monitor our ability to consistently produce products in compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standards.