• Pro Choice Safety Gear in the Community

Pro Choice Safety Gear in the Community

Clean Up Australia Day

In 2008 Paramount Safety Products saw an opportunity to participate in an important community initiative, Clean Up Australia Day, and donated 30,000 gloves for use by volunteers. This was the first of a three year commitment by Paramount, to assist this important environmental project.

We have been participating in this worthwhile activity ever since and have committed to an extension of the initial period. Started in Australia, the Clean Up project has evolved into a world wide phenomenon.

Paramount Safety Products thought the most practical way to be involved in the project would be to equip the Clean Up Australia volunteers with protective gloves. We had gloves manufactured for the purpose with the Clean-Up Australia logo, and produced in green and gold colours.

Paramount Safety Products are proud to lend a (covered) hand to such a worthy cause.

The Australian Paralympian Sailing Team

Australia’s Sailing success in international events such as the Olympics doesn’t happen by accident. Teams need top class competition to improve their competitiveness and therefore their medal chances. It is expensive to send boats and crews overseas to gain that experience. It is even harder to raise funds for our Australian Paralympic Sailors.

That’s why the founder of Paramount safety, Rob Bird, a world class yachtsman himself, was only too pleased to respond to an appeal from the Paralympic Sailing Team for financial support to prepare our team for competition.

Another example of Paramount Safety Product’s commitment to worthy Australian community causes.

Scott Kirkbride Research Centre

When 27 year-old golfer Scott Kirkbride lost his five year battle with melanoma in 2004, his family and friends set up the Scot Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre. 

SKMRC, under the auspices of the Western Australian Institute for  Medical Research was launched on the pledges and donations of WA supporters and matched by funds from the University of Western Australia.

One of the pioneer supporters was the Bird family and Paramount Safety Products, who continue to give their backing to what they believe is a very important research initiative with the intention of finding a cure for an insidious and deadly disease that has claimed so many victims in Australia.


A sense of fairplay for the disadvantaged in our society is to the fore in Paramount’s commitment to a ‘better Australia.’ There is no sector of our society more in need than kids with disabilities. 

Lifestart Co-operative is an early intervention program for children with intellectual disabilities or delays in development. It was established in 1996 to provide a community based program managed by families, for families.

Lifestart is based on the concept of partnerships between parents and professionals, with support from companies such as Paramount Safety Products.

Indigenous Communities Education Appeal (ICEA)

Acutely aware of the importance of education in modern society, Paramount Safety support the Indigenous Communities Education Appeal (ICEA) which is a not-for-profit charity that promotes education in remote communities of Western Australian. ICEA’s primary focus is enhancing the educational experience by encouraging active participation in learning.

Paramount Safety Products acknowledge this worthy cause by donating ProChoice Safety Gear to ICEA’s KickStart Gardens initiative which is part of their Healthy Eating and Healthy Living Program, a cross curricular platform encompassing gardening, cooking, nutrition, health, local indigenous language and culture. Paramount Safety Products are honoured to be involved in such an inspirational and unique “grass roots” program across regional Australia